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Ambrosial explosion

Cafe Habana
I am a HUGE corn lover, it is one of those foods that I would definitely ask for as part of my “last meal.” Most people cover it with salt and butter but I’m usually too eager to even bother with that, it’s just as good all on its own. At Cafe Habana, they do the work for me and enhance it from delicious corn into an ambrosial explosion. The take-out store is so cramped and dingy but with food that good, you don’t need to dress it up with fancy decor. I’m glad Tyler Florence brought this to my attention as the “Best thing [he] ever ate-on a stick.”

My friend was quite apprehensive at the appearance of it, she was reluctant to try it but I knew after one bite she would change her mind. They take a big juicy cob of corn that they grill to perfection, bringing out more of its sweetness but coating it with mouth-watering smokiness. Then they top it with cotija cheese, a grainy and salty cheese, chili powder, and a side of lime. Squirt the lime over it and you get the symphonious mix of sweet, smoky, salty, sour, and spicy. It was an explosion of flavor even the Gods would be envious of. … I swear she had forgotten her name.
Cafe Habana
Café Habana (Take-Out Store) on Urbanspoon


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[…] At this point I’m starting to question Flay’s judgment on food, luckily Tyler Florence’s pick of Cafe Habana ✔ was next on the list. He claims their Mexican grilled corn is the “best thing [he] ever ate-on a stick {8/10} […]

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