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Want some pizza with that grease?

The first stop on our “appetizer chasing” was Mimi’s, as recommended by Bobby Flay as “the best thing [he] ever ate-childhood favorites.” I have been trying to find good pizza in the US for a long time and was really hoping this was it. I was sorely disappointed. The crust was crispy but bland, the cheese tasted like plastic, the sauce was nothing special, and it was uber-greasy. It’s almost impossible to have a “bad” pizza but this was nowhere near the best I’ve ever had. The one good point I would have to say is that the slice is huge, a typical New York street slice, more bang for your buck.

DSC04874 copy

Mimi's Pizza Kitchen on Urbanspoon



  marseil86 wrote @

It really does look greasy. But If that isn’t the best you have had, what is?

  glutton4gastronomy wrote @

I don’t necessarily have a number 1 favorite but I can describe what I do enjoy. I love a crust that is nicely browned and crisp but still moist and chewy on the inside. Like a cheese that’s nice and gooey but fresh and not overly greasy. Toppings are a matter of preference, the way to tell a good pizza is to have it plain, cheese and sauce only. For the sauce, I can be a little picky. I prefer a sauce that is not very thick with little to no pieces that stick in your teeth. I always enjoyed the sauce on a Mike’s pizza, it’s a little bit sweet. I also enjoy the crust at Chez Dany, which I believe has some honey in it. Also they top your pizza with olive oil, parmesan, and chilli flakes. It’s delicious

  marseil86 wrote @

Ok know I have a better understanding of what you were looking for. Know I half to try the places you named.

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