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Worst dining experience ever

My friends and I came here for a birthday, we randomly chose it online. To begin with, the waiter as sweet as he tried to be, was extremely inexperienced. there was no one else in the place but it took over 20 mins just to get water to the table. Some of our glasses had black spots in them and the waiter insisted it was lemon seeds, come on now. After waiting an hour, our food finally arrived. All of the dishes were extremely oily and otherwise flavorless. My friend’s mussels were over cooked but the worst was the birthday girl’s truffle risotto; there were no truffles and it was supersaturated in oil and garlic, it was more like a soup. After the unpleasant dinner, we were eager to pay and get out. My friend went to pay with his debit card but it didn’t work and we told them they didn’t finish the process properly, it never said it was declined. The smug owner intervened and refused to pass the card again. We argued with him until he did it and it went through just fine this time. If this place is actually still open, I feel bad for its future victims.

2010 (45)

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