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West Island tapas

I’ve been here twice, I found lunchtime was much better. I fell in love with salmon tartar because of this place, it keeps me coming back! Not only is it spectacular on its own, it comes with a crostini, citrus mayo and is topped with edible flowers and micro-greens; beautiful and scrumptious. With the first bite you get a hit of citrus and onion along with a mild salmon flavor, then it finishes with a wonderful smoky undertone.  The pizza had a nice thin crust with a  simple marinara sauce, which is nice with simple toppings. We ordered the BBQ chicken pizza, despite my dislike for chicken on pizza, we enjoyed it, especially topped with the pepperoncinis. I’ve also had the seared bavette steak, gnocchi poutine, braised veal cheeks, grilled vegetables, and lamb chop. They were good but nothing spectacular but nonetheless, great portions and great prices.

2012 panne pazzo (3)

2012 panne pazzo

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