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Best fried chicken in town

Here in Montreal, we have a plethora of dingy 2-for-1 pizza delivery places. Mama poulet is, by far, my favorite in the West island. Their pizza is nicely done with large toppings, seasoned well, and the crust is browned nicely. The fried chicken is so juicy and seasoned to perfection, I still have yet to try any better then theirs, I may have to go to the South for that. Not only is the food amazing but the prices are comparable to the cheapest places in town, even offering 3 for 1 specials. Their biggest downfall is their marketing and hours but otherwise, this place is a MUST TRY!

2012 mama poulet
2012 mama poulet (2)

Mama poulet on Urbanspoon


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  JC Martel wrote @

Your review made me try Mama Poulet and I’m digging the pizza, I’ll try the fried chicken next time.

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