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Authentic Viet-Thai

I had been dying to try this place based on some reviews and was not disappointed, delicious and SO affordable. I am a little weary of Vietnamese or Thai food because I am one of those people who find that cilantro tastes like soap but otherwise I revere the simplicity and freshness of the cuisine.

We started with the shrimp chips and seafood rolls ($2 and $3 respectively). The chips were light but greasy, understandably so and definitely had a nice shrimp flavor; I would eat these any day over your typical potato chip. Then we got the rolls…I was astounded! They were so light, flaky, crispy and even lightly caramelized; when you bite into it, you get the explosion of seafood. I really wanted to try the frog legs but to my dismay, they had none left. My friends ate the chicken and vegetables dish and the imperial roll with salad, pretty basic I know but great portions and done right. With the imperial roll, you got that same light, flaky and caramelized crust; these are absolutely the best rolls I’ve ever had! I enjoyed the Chạo Tôm(shrimp paste on sugar cane) and caramelized fish. Both were very good but I’m picky with fish and it wasn’t the greatest for my liking.

The staff was very friendly and we ended up chatting with them for a while after. This has now become my favorite little Asian restaurant and I recommend everyone try it. As others will warn you, it is hard to find. It’s at the corner of Cote des Neiges and Cote ste Catherine, next to the Orthopedic place and underneath “Vincent.” It’s small and quaint but I guarantee you a fresh and authentic Vietnamese meal.


2012 Saigonaise'

2012 Saigonaise

2012 Saigonaise (3)

2012 Saigonaise (4)

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